The Neely Cell Therapy and Collection Center

Located in the South Building of Tufts Medical Center, this new and completely
renovated, 4,000 square foot space is designed to 
provide necessary stem cell collection services to outpatients in a warm and comfortable setting. With specially chosen furnishings, warm color palette, hardwood floors, state-of-the-art flat screen television and DVDs, this space has been planned to provide the utmost comfort to patients and families undergoing their treatments.

The process of collecting donor stem cells to give to another person or to oneself has been performed in various locations throughout Tufts Medical Center over the years. Cancer and leukemia patients or related or unrelated transplant donors often spend several hours in one sitting having their stem cells extracted in order for laboratory technicians to process them for infusion back into the patient. In keeping with the Foundation's mission of providing comfort to cancer patients and their families, improving the physical environment for these patients or their donors was a priority as stem cell transplantation affects so many patients seen at Tufts Medical Center's Cancer Center.                                                                  

The newly-renovated space also features large windows on the north, south and east sides. The entire layout of the top floor of this key Tufts Medical Center building is designed to improve the patients' experience as they spend the time needed to prepare for their stem cell transplant.

The Neely Cell Therapy and Collection Center will dramatically improve the quality of life for a patient preparing for complex treatments such as stem cell transplantation. The Foundation's support with funding of this advanced center for $2 million, provides Tufts Medical Center and the City of Boston with a unique resource designed to help cancer patients deal much more effectively and comfortably with their illnesses.